The Haunting!!!!

by on July 2, 2011

Alright foxy followers I have a spooky story for you all.  Now I’m not one to believe in ghost or things of that nature but last night something happened that I just can’t explain.  I thought I would share the story with all of you and see if you can explain away this weird little happening. 

I was at my work closing down the store with one other employee.  We were doing our usual closing tasks that we have done dozens if not hundreds of times before.  I was vacuuming at one end of the store and the other girl was mopping about 3 yards away from me.  All of a sudden she starts yelling my name and tells me to come look at something.  As I walk over she asks if I have my shoes on… “Ya I have my shoes on”, what kind of question is that?  “Then how did that get there?!!!” she says.  As I look to where she is pointing on the floor I see a perfect human foot print in the middle of where she just mopped!!!!! 

Now to be clear, we both have shoes on with rubber soles that have a design or texture on the bottom.  There was no one else in the store with us.  I ran my finger over the foot print to see if it was sticky residue or something, there was nothing but water and my finger made a line through it.  We mopped over the spot again and the print never came back.  There are cameras in the store that I watched the next day, no one walked over that spot.  The girl I was working with literally mopped that area, went on to the next, then turned her head to the side made a face like she saw something and jumped back.  That’s when she called me over and I looked at it. 

So my friends, here is your challenge…. tell me how this happened and what the “logical” explanation is.  I can’t come up with anything other than our store has a ghost!  I’m ok with a ghost though, I think it’s a nice ghost and i’ll name it Sammy.  The best part about having a ghostly friend is that I can have Sammy haunt mean customers who treat me bad 😉   better WATCH OUT Foxy has peeps in the realms beyond!!


Foxy and Sammy the Ghost

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