The sacred shores of Na Pali coast

by on October 5, 2011

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We got up early in the morning/ middle of the night (cause it was still dark) to go on a Zodiac boat ride.  Now for days I have been trying to figure out what we were going to see on this boat.  Like is there some crazy ancient Zodiac drawings that we get to see or are there volcanic mountains that look like Zodiacs????  Are there ancient’s statues of the Zodiac characters?????  Nope. Nope.  It’s just the name of the stupid boat…. How disappointing!!!!   So why do they call it Zodiac, I don’t know.  And why is it cool?  Apparently it’s an inflatable boat with a ridged hull, and what does that mean?  It goes really really fast and can take us in caves!!!!  Ok now I’m excited again! 

I got all ready to go boating for the day and put all my things in zip lock baggies so they wouldn’t get wet 🙂  As we are waiting to board the boat I see a beautiful rainbow and take a picture.  I’m thinking I’m so smart keeping Alpha in the zip lock bag so she won’t get wet and taking pictures through the bag…. and then everyone saw me do this and started laughing at me!!!  They were like “you know those pic’s won’t come out right?”  I thought they were full of it till I looked at my rainbow pic… ya so note for the future taking pictures through plastic baggies does not work, FAIL.

So I had to get brave a bust out Alpha for real, I’m happy to report that she survived the trip and I got some great photos!  Here we go speeding away in the boat!!!!

The first excitement we had was a big sea turtle.  Soooooo cute!

Then we found ourselves surrounded by dolphins 🙂  there were dozens and dozens of them.

They were swimming right along our boat.  I’ve never been this close to a dolphin, it really was a humbling experience.  They are so beautiful and playful and smart.  Animals never fail to amaze me with their awareness.  Sometimes they seem a lot more aware than some people. 

Onward we go!!!  Now this boat is no joke.  It bounces the *%#! outa ya.  You have to hold on for dear life and your butt gets bounced over and over on the boat, my whole body was sore for days!!  But it was worth it for what I got to see.  Look at the breath taking mountains along the shore of the  Na Pali coast.

We dipped the boat into an open air cave along the coast.  Mary J. Blige filmed a music video on this rock. 

These volcanic mountains are called the Kalalau Cathedrals and they are sacred to the natives because they are the home of Pele the volcano goddess.  The mountains are about 13,680 feet tall a fitting home for a goddess I would say!

We dipped into another cave, this one was small and continued quit some way inside.  As the tide rises the water fills up completely and the water line is above the cave.  Ahhhhhhhh get me out quick!!!  Drive fearless captain DRIVE!!! 

Ah freedom!!!!

We stopped for lunch at Na Pali coast’s archeology sight.  This is the where the remains are of the largest temple and village.  There are also sacred burial grounds here.  We are cautioned repeatedly to not remove any of the volcanic rock.  This is very bad luck because it angers Pele the volcano goddess.  We are also told that no boats are allowed to be pulled up onto the beach so we have to wade to shore through the water.  Pretty much they told us to show respect, don’t touch anything and leave it the way you found it or Pele with get you. Ok got it, I don’t like to tick off any gods!  Nice volcano god…..

Our first mate took us on the hike into the village and burial grounds.  I was scared to take too many pic’s.

As we were walking we smelled this horrible smell!  It smelled like something died.  Our tour guide told us that was the smell of a Noni and fruit that has medicinal properties for everything from high blood pressure to cancer.  Then we saw them…. This fruit looks like an alien baby!!!  Crazy looking, smelly, magic fruit!

The location of the temple was right below this big X.  This is a natural formation from lava.  Brings a whole new meaning to X marks the spot.

These are the mountains that the natives of Kauai looked at for 800 years while they lived in this valley with Pele.

After some lunch we hopped back in the boat and sped our way home…. By Pele thanks for letting us visit your sacred shore.  And thank you to the nice Kauai guides that showed us around 🙂

After I got back to my hotel my sore body wanted nothing more than a Mai Tai and the sunset at the St Regis Hotel.  Fortunately it’s within walking distance so I headed on over.  I took the path that leads down to their private beach.   It was more of a tree tunnel than the one I was the day before!!!   Look it’s a fox in a hole!

There was light at the end of the tunnel.

Not only is this hotel a designer dream, with its 1920 beach feel and the vivid blues and greens that play off each other, perfectly manicured lawns and sand that is raked smooth EVERYTIME someone touches it, but also it empties out onto one of the most beautiful beaches in the world Hanalei Bay….  This is the most peaceful beach I have ever been to.   Again I must say I love this hotel.  The service is impeccable and the ambience is always accommodating to all your senses. 

This just cracked me up!

My sunset and my Mai Tai.

There was live reggae music and laughter in the air as I strolled back up the path home.  The further I walked away from the hotel the darker it got.  Until I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face!!!  It was so dark I couldn’t see anything, talk about an adventure!  I had to get out the camera to use to light as I creeped my way back through the tunnel!!!! 

Good thing I was using light cause this little guy would have been squished!  Go home little froggie it’s late.  I made it through the tunnel in one piece and curled up nicely in bed.  What a great day!  Tomorrow is another day and its own adventure.  Tomorrow foxy gets high!!!!  In a helicopter that’s is 😉



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