The SoCal project….

by on March 26, 2011

Ever have one of those days you wake up and wanna change everything?

Well I have!  I woke up the other day and thought “I don’t want to live here”.  I want to have tons of fun, sunny weather and a beach out my doorstep.  Sooooo I’m moving!!!  That’s it, I’m just up and moving.   I’m packing up the car with the few things I need (cloths, makeup, stiletto heels…) and I’m going to go find a job and a place to live in Orange County.  Why not?  You only live once and you should be able to say you had fun doing all the things you ever wanted to do.  So that’s my goal for the next year, to do EVERYTHING I could ever want to do while living in Orange County.  Won’t this be way more fun to read about?  I think so, and more fun to live 🙂  even better, I called up a friend of mine and asked if she too would like to throw of the shackles of her day to day and come with me, and she said yes!!  So here I go….  Wish me good luck!

First thing I had to do was pack up my stuff.  I was all set and ready to get to work and then….I had a sushi attack!  You can’t really tell when these are coming, they just sneak up on you.  Sushi attacks are very dangerous cause you could die within the hour if you don’t feed your tummy sushi.  So I did the only thing I could do, I went out to eat!  However on the way to sushi I was sidetracked by a lovely looking Thai restaurant that I just had to try.  So I popped in for a glass of wine and chicken satay.  It was delicious!

Ok now I got focused again and made my way to sushi.   It was soooooooo worth it! 

The edamame was cold, WTF??  Who serves edamame cold?  Oh well the sushi will be great!  I was so excited when it showed up.  And yes, I do get THIS excited everytime i eat sushi 😉

I ate it all gone!  Maybe with a little help from my friend.  Ok time to shake off the sake and get beck to work.   Hours later I returned to the house to actually pack.  I flew around the house packing, packing, packing…. distracted over blog pic’s

ok back to packing, packing,packing….Tell I fell over!

Ok I’m packed and ready to hit the road in the morning!  I’m working on get out of here at 10am soooo its bed time for me.

Love, Foxy

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