Breakfast by the sea in Kauai

by on September 21, 2011

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The next morning we went to the St. Regis hotel for their champagne brunch.  This is probably the most beautiful hotel and resort on the island and defiantly was my favorite.  I took a minute to enjoy the view from the balcony and play with Alpha’s long distance lens some more.  Wouldn’t you love to wake up to this view every morning?!!!!  These Kauai people are living the life! 

Bali high

Hanalei Bay

Now this is how I like to wake up 🙂 

  Brunch was beginning so I headed down stairs to the patio to be seated.  I snapped a pic coming down the stairs.  Is it just me or am I stuck in the beginning of Jurassic park????  I’m going to be running around this dining room hiding from dinosaurs in like two days I just know it!!

As I set at the table looking out over the bay, sipping my mimosa, it started to lightly rain and you could hear the drops hitting the water in the pond surrounding the patio….ahhhhhhhhh beautiful!

This is the only picture I got where you can see what it looked like on the patio.  And I know you’re thinking why are you taking photos of empty dirty tables?  But it was these crazy birds that had me cracking up (not the mimosa the birds) every time these people would get up to go to the buffet these birds would attack!  Covering the table and gobbling up food.  Cheeky little buglers!  I don’t really blame them though.  The food was outstanding there was even sushi.  Sushi for breakfast?!!!!  Now I know I’m in heaven!

After brunch we did a little sightseeing.  On the way we drove through the “tree tunnel” this is apparently such a big deal that the map actually has it listed, so um ya…. It’s trees and it looks like a tunnel.  I don’t know maybe it was the food coma kicking in but I couldn’t get jazzed about this one.

We made it to our destination which was Poipu and its “Spouting Horn”.  These are large volcanic rocks that have tunnels in them and the water from the ocean rushes in and spouts right out of random holes in the rocks!!  Totally looks like something out of a video game, I would so get hit by the water and loose a life 🙁  It’s hard to capture the power of the water in a picture.  This would have been a great time for a video, I fail, sorry.

For the rest of the day I bummed around some of the big resorts and walked through tourist shops.  Some of these resorts are just outstanding, look…


Have you ever seen black swans?!!!!!!  These are swans right?  I pretty sure they are and I think they were like the ugly duckling or something and they never changed.  Or maybe there like the super villain swans that lead a life of crime?  I duno but they are some cool looking fowl if I do say so myself!  I’m beginning to think all Kauai has is a bunch of birds!!!!

Back to the hotel and off to the Jacuzzi and so ends day two.  A little old school Hawaiian inspired pin up for ya.

Get ready for day three, I get bounced around in a super-fast boat called a zodiac as it speeds around the island and takes me to secret out of the way places!  Boat rides to sacred burial grounds, Kauai from the air and a six hour hike into the jungle to find a waterfall is all coming up so hold on to your hats for Hawaii Foxy style!!!



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  • Viv says:

    Someday I hope to experience all of the islands in all of their lovliness. And maybe I’ll get lucky, too, and share breakfast with the native birds 🙂

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