Universal Studios Fright Night

by on November 15, 2011

To see Universal Studios durring the day click here

After dinner I reentered Universal Studios once their transformation into Fright Night was complete.  As I walked in with the hundreds of other people we were greeted by zombie dancers in cages and monsters of all kinds!   Screams and cries drifted across the air and strobe lights glared into our eyes.  The smoke machines made it difficult to see, instead you first HEAR the sound of chain saws and growls and sometimes heavy breathing on your neck…..



 The master of ceremonies was kind enough to take a photo with me.  In fact I don’t think he mind, in fact he started to say knotty things about me into the microphone, I think he ask for my number…lol!!!!



 Zombie bus killers!!!!!

 I LOVE monsters sooooo much!  Whenever they try and scare me I just start cracking up because they are so fun!   Take for example this lovely fellow, he put on quit the show chasing me with that big saw.  Now what did he plan on doing with that?!



 Rob Zombie’s maze was a 3-D House of a Thousand Corpses experience.  I’m ready to get my 3-D freak on!  I’m gonna find that Dr. Satan and show him who’s BAD.



 See now that clown looks very friendly and inviting but something tells me he is not to be trusted!  You can’t fool a fox!!!!








  “We like to get f* up and do some f*ed up sh*t”   for those of you who have seen the movie… best girl in a horror flick EVER and one of the best lines 🙂 her white trashiness is intoxicating.

 The streets of universal are smoke filled psycho killer death traps!!  And this is where the restroom was!



 I thought I might as well get on the tram again and see how they “frightened” it up.  I wasn’t expecting much, maybe zombies running at the tram as you go through the plane crash part or something.  Boy was I wrong!  I boarded the tram like normal and they had some goofy ghost story they started to tell as it drove away.  Then as we got down to the movie lot the guide stopped the tram and apologized.  For what everyone says?  “For the fact that you have to walk the rest of the way.  Get OFF NOWWWWW!!!!!”  HELL YA RIGHT?!!!!!  It gets better… as we got off and looked to the path we realized that the entrance was guarded by a dozen undead with chain saws!!!   No one wanted to go first, so I yelled “I will!” and ran head first into the pack of goons.  Hahahahahahahah!!!! 

After I ran passed them I realized where I was.  The Bates Motel!!!!!   Live and up close!  Can you believe it?  I got to run around the parking lot while “bad guys” were dragging girls from room to room doing bad guy things to them.


 I thought this was amazing in its self and then I saw everyone walking up the hill.  At the top of the hill was the Bates Mansion.  At this point I’m beyond excited that I get to see the REAL Bates house used in the movie up close!!!  (I’m a really big fan of the movie incase you didn’t put that together already)

 As I round the corner a dashing young man jumps out of the dark and says “would you like me to kill you?”  I looked up to Mr. Bates himself!  He pulled me onto the steps of the mansion and slit my throat right there in front of everyone!!!!!  Well not really, good thing too because no one even tried to help me  >:(   Where have all the heroes gone????

 I don’t know who is enjoying this more, me or him?  Me. Defiantly me.  Its not everyday you get killed on a movie set!

As I ventured on I found myself in the plane wreckage that I saw earlier in the day except now there are zombies everywhere.









 The tram picked us up and took us back to safety.  Which is a little sad cause I really thought Mr. Bates and I shared something special.  We could have lived perfectly happy in that old house with his mother to keep us company.  Ahhhhhhhhh too bad 🙁

There were many more fun mazes and adventures but that’s enough for today.  You’re just going to have to go and see for yourself next Oct.  Good bye Universal, thank you for the tricks and the treats!!!!

From the realms beyond,


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  • Matthew says:

    That place looks crazy awesome!!!
    We hit up the soap factory haunted basement this year, was super cool too!

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