Vacation is over Foxy!

by on April 24, 2012

Well I’m back in town and packing up everything I own for the move to LA!  I found a great place right on the marina in Marina Del Rey 😉  I had a blast on my two weeks of vacation, the Bahamas was relaxing and beautiful.  I was able to run around and see pirate caves where they kept their booty, fortresses built to fend off attacks that never came, and bought paintings from a local artist in the straw market.  The first day I was there I sat on the beach in a cute little beach dress and drank a bottle of wine engaging in great conversation and relaxing… in the morning… I woke up to sand flea bites ALL OVER MY BUTT!!!!!  So for the rest on my vacation I had to cover up and was sooooo itchy. Lol!!!!  Hope they had a nice dinner!

 Vegas was crazy with drama.  In just one night I went wine tasting, hung out at a restaurant and drank with the peeps from Hard Rocks Rehab, went bowling, and played pool in a mansion.  It’s a good night when you wake up with a view of a golf course right?   So everything was just as it should be 😉  I thought about running off and getting matching tattoos with my friend to commemorate our experience….. It’s not even a big deal to get a tattoo nowadays.  There are place that are doing great work on tattoo removal in Austin and a few other cities where you can’t even tell you have had it.  So from now on I’m getting a tattoo on every trip and married every time I’m in Vegas….. Lol!!!!  Ok maybe not.

 I have to get to packing but I promise new and exciting blog posts coming up soon.  That is if I can keep from getting distracted as I’m wrapping dishes in news print, I’m all “what’s going on in China….?”  Lol!

Focused, Focused, Focused on packing,


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