Vegas @ M Resort & LAX Night Club

by on September 6, 2012

If you have never driven into Vegas you have really missed out on some rural western landscape!  So first and foremost, I will share with you a little of the ‘wild yonder’.  Once we get to Vegas we are going to The M Resort for wine tasting and a live band, followed by LAX Night Club in Luxor Casino.

The drive from SoCal to Las Vegas is miles and miles and hours and hours …. 

Of nothing but “one stop towns” and wide open spaces.

 The first excitement in over three hours!!!!  But no, that’s not Vegas, its Nevada’s Stateline!  Of course if you can’t wait the 40 some miles till you reach Vegas than it’s a great place to stop and have some fun!!!

 If you press on for another half an hour then this will be the next thing you see, Las Vegas!!!

 As I said, first up is the M Resort .  This is a classy hotel/casino off The Strip for those that prefer to stay away from the crazy party that The Strip becomes at night!  The Hostile Grape Wine Cellar is located down stairs from the casino and has live music most Friday and Saturday nights! 

 The Hostile Grape is set up with self-serve wine tasting tables as you see here.

You insert your credit card and you can PAY for a sample, a half glass, or a whole glass of wine.  Call me crazy, but I just went to the bar and asked the bartender for a sample of his wines and it was free…. Maybe I’m not getting it…

The atmosphere is lounge and the live band was a lot of fun.  It’s a great place to start a night if you want to explore off The Strip.

The hotel lobby is gorgeous!!!! 

 Ok!  On to LAX @ Luxor casino!!!  Quick picture of the crew while we still look nice :kissing:

K-Jazz and Foxy rockin’ the matching ensemble, right down to the shoes!!!  Who has the blues?????

Alright Foxy friends, welcome to LAX!

 We partied in the VIP by the DJ booth for awhile. You have a great view of the dance floor and the upstairs VIP from here.

Fun club!  It gets really crowded and really hot!!!  So dress lightly and get yourself VIP if you don’t want to be in that sea of people you saw in the pictures!!!  The next morning I went to check out Wet Republic at MGM.  Tell you all about next post!!!



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