Venice Beach

by on August 7, 2011

Venice Beach is a coastal town of Los Angels that is a tourist attraction for people who come to LA from all around the world.  The beach front walk has all kinds of performers, venders and crazy little shops.  In fact if you’re looking for medicinal marijuana this is your place!  This was the home of LA’s beatnik movement and is all around full of history and interesting people.  One of the highlights on the walk is Muscle Beach.  It’s an outdoor gym where you can catch body builders working out in the Cali sun.  Arnold Schwarzenegger used to workout at Muscle Beach back in the day and that alone makes it cool, right?    So I went to go check this place out that I had heard so much about and it really did feel like I walked into another country.  This beach has a vibe all its own and it’s defiantly groovy.  Here are a few pics of the 2.5 mile walk.

Now I didn’t come all this way to not go relax on the beach for awhile!  And what a beach it is!  This has to be the longest beach I’ve ever seen.  It’s like a mile hike to the water!!

After relaxing in the sun and working on my tan I was ready to go check out muscle beach!  And there it was in all its glory!

Time for a little photo whoring for the blog for sure, so up I go to the railing to get a shot of me with my HUGE muscle by the gym. 🙂   Just as I was posing one of the ginormous men in the cage spoke!  I was a little taken of guard, like don’t you guys deal with tourist doing this all day?   How can you possibly find the time to talk to them all???

Hahahaha you can tell I don’t trust him!

I told him the picture would be better if HE was putting up his muscles, so he did!   I still think I have him beat but ya he is “ok”.

I think I was trying to pop his arm like it was a balloon.

I probably shouldn’t have done that because he picked me up over the railing and threw me on his shoulder….now that’s a picture!!!!!!

And that is how I met my new friend Bishoy Hanna 😉 thanks for the great photos my man!  Ps. we totally planned on matching…actually I think those are MY underwear….. Jk jk

Well after all that excitement I needed to cool down with a drink so I dipped into a little local Venice bar.

Here is something you only see in Southern California, a rack for your skateboard.  Yes that’s right people skateboard every ware around here and they have racks for you to set them on while you relax.  Crazy right??  Welcome to So Cal.

After a super fun relaxing day in the sun I wave goodbye to Venice and make my way back to the OC.  Goodnight LA.



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