Viva Las Vegas “Rommies going away party” (part 2- this is how we live)

by on April 21, 2011

The line leading into Marquee was crazy long… good thing we don’t wait in lines 😉

About two min. later we are in the elevator headed to the eighth floor.  Let the elevator party begin!!!!!!

Making our way to our table.

First a toast to Yvette’s move and many well wishes!!!!!!

Double Trouble… no no we are very good girls…

A walk around the club to check out what’s going on in other rooms.

The dance floor:

The pool and patio area:

As we were walking I saw the most interesting man and I had to go say Hi.  This is how I met Gary Fisher, actor and fashion designer to the stars. 

They couldn’t get me away from my new friend, I was having way too much fun!! 

So everyone had to have a pic with him!!! 

Very nice to meet you Mr Fisher.  Off we go….

Foxy Sandwich!!! A little squished, but cute!

I’m not sure what is going on here.  I think I was playing like I was taking a pic back.  I think we look very classic in black and white though… where’s the Rat Pack???

  Love from Trey, or is he trying to strangle me so Yvette won’t move? Hmmmmm…..

We may be up to something…. you better keep you eye on us!  We are going to do BIG THINGS!

  We danced the rest of the night away and had a grand time doing so…. we should so enter into a dance off!  This beauty would be our MVP for sure!  Don’t hurt em Donna 😉

Then it started to rain

  Collecting my money! JK JK!!!

  Now it was time for one last celebratory shot to the new OC crew!

Vegas bar tender….hahahahaha!!!

  All and all it was a very successful night where fun was had but all.

Ps. Yvette what are you doing in this photo??

4 am and time to head back to the hotel.  So Yvette did you have a fun time at your going away party?  Are you excited for our new life?

Enough said!  Good night blogosphere 😉


Foxy + Yvette

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