Viva Las Vegas “Roomies going away party” (part 1-lets just get there already)

by on April 21, 2011

My roommate is moving to sunny southern California from the city of sin… Las Vegas.  I honor of her new adventure in life she had a going away party at Marquee  and of course that meant that I had to go engage in the fun too!  So I got all packed up and jetted to Vegas for a quick trip 🙂 

I feel like I need a week off AFTER Vegas just to edit up all the pics and get the post written!  Sorry the delay was a few weeks on this but some of us still have day jobs!!!!

The going to Vegas look:

First stop was to pick up friend Mike (who will make himself known a little later in the post) then we hit the open road!

There it is… one of my favorite cities, the ultimate amusement park for adults… Las Vegas!

I got to the Hard Rock Hotel and checked in to my room.

and check out the view!!!  

Home to the infamous “rehab” Sunday pool party.

A couple shots of vodka, some room serves and a makeover later…. I’m ready to meet up with the rest of the group and start the celebration.  But first, I had to take a min. to photo whore it up 😉

The view just got better 😉 

I actually am really bad at taking photographs and I can never hold still and I make silly faces or I just start laughing at myself.  One day will be cool…I’m workin on it.

I don’t know why my eyes look so red in this pic. but its kinda cool anyway.

On to Marquee in the Cosmopolitan to meet up with roomie and friends….

  I want my bedroom inside of this chandelier!!!!

Enter your all star party line up for the evening….

Of course you got The Golden Fox

“Roomie” aka Yvette

Mike aka “Dragon Hawk” i think he wanted a cool name like me…..

and many more friends that we will meet alone the way!  This is just the start and we are all set to live it up!!!!

Had to throw in one cool pic with Alphas panoramic mode, note- when you have things moving it looks choppy.  I think this mode works best on still scenery, very fun pic though! 

This is such a long blog I gotta break it into two parts…so continue to part two!



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