by on October 26, 2011

I see the changes coming to our country and the world taking place all around us right now.  There are counties all over the world rethinking everything from their government to their monetary system.  Here we have the “occupy” movement that is sweeping our nation and asking our leaders to take a long hard look at the way things have been going and ask themselves if this is the right path for Americans.  There is even a movement towards my favorite topic- education reform with sites on the web offering free essays to challenge teacher not to assign the same papers over and over… brilliant!!!

The people are restless, they have been living within the boundaries of the manufactured system for so long.  We are told how fast to go on roads by the police, what meds to take from the doctors, what is necessary to learn from our teachers, what money we can borrow from the banks, on and on and on.  Maybe somewhere along the line people started to realize that we are not thinking for ourselves.  We stopped learning to balance a check book and started learning to apply for credit.  We were manipulated into a fiat monetary nightmare that is about to explode.  The people are starting to see it.

I hope that I can run up to LA and take some photos of the occupy for you.  I hear it’s huge with 600-700 tents.  LA is a hard place to make a living in, and hard place to afford a place to live that is safe and not a tiny crummy studio.  I understand people’s frustrations.  The tent is probably better for some of them.  I may not agree with everything these people are saying but I do agree that things need to change.  Your average 20 something graduating from collage has an astronomical amount of debt and no hope of a full time job or ever owning a home.  This is not the American dream.  This is irresponsibility of the previse generations to live within their means in a sustainable way.  We have a responsibility to each other and the future generations, we must fix our mess. 



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