Welcome to the Bahamas

by on May 11, 2012

My “adopted” family in Minneapolis head to the Bahamas every year to see family and I try my best to go along!  This year I met up with them, followed by a trip to Vegas when I got back and then moving to LA a week after that!  Yep, that’s my life, 1000 miles an hour.  You only live once right?  I finally slowed down just enough to blog you the whole story…. Ok here we go…. Up Up and AWAY!!!!!

I booked an early flight out of LAX to insure that I was in Nassau in time to lay out on the beach my first day 😉

 Me at 6am ewwwwwwwwww  I hate mornings!!

 The first stop was Miami to switch fights to an itty bitty plane that heads to the Bahamas.  Miami looks beautiful, it’s one of the few places I haven’t been yet.  It looks so fun though!!!  I just want to grab a canoe and paddle around all the canals and hunt alligators and make boots out of them!!!!  Isn’t that what you do there?

Ok so then I had to find the little plane that they kept outside.

There it is!

As I was getting on the flight attendant  jumped out and asked for a picture!   Lol he must have heard that Foxy was on his plane!!

 LOOK!  Charles has just arrived!!


 Taxi ride to our favorite place to stay Orange Hill.

 Isn’t it cute!  Way out of the way, not a tourist place, lots of people staying from the other islands and such. 

 I rented an “apartment” this time which is in the yellow building and this thing was really the size of an apartment…. So I’m moving in:)

 Hahahahahaha!!!!  Ok so NOTHING Bahamians do makes any kind of sense, which is what I love and hate about them.  This is what they thought you would need in the kitchen:

A couple of serving utensils, spoons, and a coffee filter.  No coffee maker, no pans of any type, no microwave….

 A couple wine glasses, some mix matched coffee cups, and two plates, two saucers.  No wine bottle opener, no bowls, but look…. There is some weird smasher/ whisker thingy just in case you want to bake a cake or something (I don’t cook so I really have no idea what that is).  The good news is the office had everything I needed and it only took them a few hours to get it to me, which in Bahamian time is quite speedy!

 There is a window in the shower that goes right out to the grass and pool area!!!  Lol hellllooooo people 😉

 As I said the goal was to get to the beach right away, so quick change into my new Victoria Secret bikini for the Bahamas (very islandy right??!!)

A quick stop at the bar for a Bahamian beer.  This is one of my favorite things about Orange Hill.  It’s a great little place to hang out and talk to people traveling from all over. 

 Rules of the bar?  Well there bottles of vodka, rum, tequila, etc. are under the counter.  The beer is in the blue ice chest, fruit juice is in the orange one.  The wine rack has a random assortment of wine each day.  You make the drink of your choice then make a check mark next to your room number on the clip board, they’ll bill it to your room later.  Isn’t that wild?  Dinner works the same way every night if you want some homemade Bahamian food.

Lol!  Old fire place for grilling… new grill plopped right in front of it…

 Now down to the cottages to get my friends and say hello!


Suz and I taking a dip 🙂

Next day:  We are going to take a drive around and cruise over to Paradise Island.

 Your bartender this morning is Golden Fox 😉

Same car… cute right?  That is until the couple with the other car packed all their stuff in ours by accident!  Hahahahahaha!!!!  I told you, nothing makes sense out here!

 There is some great architecture on the island.  Lots of colonial influence and some that are just artsy and different.

 Roadside fruit stand.

 Roadside canons… totally normal.

I could never drive on the left.  I would malfunction half way through and panic jerking the car into the right lane and causing an accident.   Hmmmmm maybe that’s why the rental cars are all dented up…



 We crossed over the bridge to check out Paradise Island. 

 As I’m told you used to be able to go over to Paradise anytime you like. There is an aquarium off the side of the island that has an ocean floor room!!!!! Ya like you can go down to the ocean floor in a glass dome type room and look around. Soooooo rad right? There are also rocks where the water hits them and shoots up in the air.

I would love to have shown you all this but you see big money came to Nassau and built a HUGE resort in the middle of Paradise Island called Atlantis, perhaps you have heard of it? Well this monstrosity of a resort bought up so much land that you can’t get to that side of island anymore. You have to pay a toll to enter the island. The little aquarium shut down and now everyone goes to Atlantis aquarium and sits in the casino…. Sad.

 I have no wish to support the foreign investors that built this eye sore so we went to get a bite to eat instead.  

 Then back across the bridge to the west side of island to Travelers Rest.

 Driving Miss Foxy.

 The “Venice” of Nassau.

 They have so many crazy lizards here!  Look at how cute a delicate this little guy is!!

 Travelers Rest is this groovy little bar/restaurant.  Lots of locals come to hear live music (mostly 1950 oldies songs) and eat good Bahamian food like grouper, peas and rice, conch, boiled fish, macaroni and cheese (not American style this is spicy!) etc.  It’s also a great place to grab a rum and coke 😉

 The girls… don’t we look related?!!

 Messy island fox!!!

Bahamian, not bohemian.  Believe me its VERY different!!!!!


Good night travelers rest!  Always a great time! 

Next up we walk around Bay Street with the tourists off the cruise ships, go party at Junkanoo Beach, and head out for a night on the town dancing 😉  For part two click here.

See ya man,

Conchy Joe 😉

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