Wet Republic Pool Party at the MGM in Las Vegas

by on September 10, 2012

Welcome to the WET REBUBLIC pool party at the MGM in Las Vegas!!!  This party has had a lot of hype about how great it is, so obviously I had to go check it out and tell you what I think.  Rehab at Hard Rock Hotel is my favorite pool party so far and I was really excited to see how this one compared.  The first thing that I was surprised about was the size of the party.  The pool and the area used for the event are significantly smaller than Rehab as you can see in the next two pictures.  These are both sides of the pool, showing the entire area of the party. 

 I couldn’t help but notice that the staff is frickin’ beautiful!!!!!  No really, everyone that works here looks like they came out of an Abercrombie ad!  They are “the beautiful people” lol!!  Guess we’re in the right place 😉 

Foxy, K-jazz, and Crazy Amie!!!!! Let the party begin!!! 

 The wrap I’m wearing all day is compliments of the sand fleas that attacked my ass while sitting on the beach in the Bahamas!!!!!  I hope you enjoyed your dinner you evil insects >:(

Bhahahahah!!!!  Did I mention Amie’s crazy?!!!  Oh you wait, we are just getting started!!

 Now comes the part of the show where we run around and harass people we don’t know… I mean make new friends…I love this part!

 Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have no words…

 We found some guys with fun tattoos!

 This guy was my new teddy bear!!!!  What a sweetie 🙂  Sorry it’s blurry (I blame Amie and the Red Bull vodkas).

Ahhhhh job well done!  So many new friends!!!!

Here are some more pic’s as the party was winding down so you can see the set up.

 Alright everyone it’s time to leave!!!!  Get the phone numbers, hug and kiss goodbye, and then… get the hell out!!!!

 No pool party blog is complete without a thong picture, here you go.

 As you walk out it feels like your hiking back to civilization through a jungle. Wait!  I’ve done this before, I’m an expert at jungle adventures !!!! 

All and all it was I fun party, but Rehab wins hands down.  So, why don’t we go see our Rehab friends at their after work hangout!!!  No I can’t tell you where, sometimes even Foxy has to keep secrets!  We had a blast hanging out with the guys and one of them even challenged Amie to an arm wrestling contest!  Now I don’t know what he was thinking, because Amie works out.  She is pretty buff, well you can see for yourself what happened….

 Ahhhh don’t be sad that Amie whipped your ass bro.


The night isn’t complete without a little VIP action right?  So we grabbed a table and danced the night away at Vanity Night Club. I think the last time I was here was for their Halloween party, good to be back!

The next thing I know the girls are poll dancing!!  Not Foxy, I’m a good girl 🙂  (Hi mom lol)

 The next day was Monday.  My favorite Monday party is the Sky Bar at Hard Rock.  It’s very lounge and low key, perfect to drink off your hangover.  Here are some of the things that kept us entertained…

Dude with butt crack hanging out.

 Guy that was REALLY excited to get out of the pool.  Even if his excitement was, well, tiny in comparison to others….

 The Australian girl who went around telling everyone she was the captain of this ship and wanted to insure they were having a good time.

 The man that felt the need to pull his shorts up for like 10 min. for no apparent reason, maybe it’s just more comfortable?

 The boys giving each other a sunscreen rub down.  So tender, so sweet.

 The life guard that fell asleep!  Good job man, someone could have died.  Good thing the captain of the ship was there or things would have fallen apart!!

 Even some of the “beautiful people” who work Wet Republic showed up.  Yeah even you guys know Hard rock is better 😉

So concludes another fun trip to Vegas!!! 

Coming to you from a warm towel laying in the hot sun,


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