South Point Casino’s Halloween Party

by on November 24, 2011

UPDATE:   Apparently Google ads found K-jazz’s Halloween costume inappropriate for their ads and demanded that I take them down 🙁 Google your sooooo uptight!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  This time of year is always crazy busy with my REAL job and all so I’m sorry about the lag in posting.  I wanted to get this up and share with you my Halloween!!!!!  I had a blast in Las Vegas with K-jazz.  We hit up one of the biggest Halloween parties in the country, “Fetish and Fantasy”.  This is a wild party where you can wear as much or as little as you like!  I don’t know about you but I am a HUGE comic book fan.  Super heroes and villains are right up my alley so I went as Harley Quinn the Joker’s girlfriend.  Judging by the amount of guys that stopped me and showed me their (sometimes knotty) Harley tats I guess she really is some people’s fetish.  K-jazz went as Poison Ivy and for one night we really were partners in crime!! Lol 

The party was at South Point Casino.











 We are planning something devious and illegal.



 So many Harleys wanted a pic! 





 As we were dancing there was this weird spider web thing than was passed over the crowd and we were all dancing under a spider web…. Kinda cool idea.



 Oscar the Grouch getting his mac on lol!!!!  He is like “You wanna come back to my trash can and do something dirty?”  Bahahahahah!!!!




 Happy friends!!!!  “Whats so funny?”



 This guy really looked like superman right?!!!!



  Now this party really is quite scandalous and you can be whipped and tortured if that’s your thing on a stage in front of everyone…. That’s a little too crazy for Foxy, but to each your own 😉

 Perhaps the best costume of the night, that’s a man.  People are so wierd!

Ok then! On that note I conclude the Fetish and Fantasy 2011.  Fun party and really perfect for those of you that want a big party with crazy costumes and sexy torcher! 

Happy Halloween!


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