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by on June 27, 2011

I think we have all read our horoscope once or twice right?  Usually it’s some three sentence run down of how your day is going to go from the newspaper.  Or maybe it was when you were a teenybopper and you read it in those girlie magazines like seventeen or such.  Usually these predictions were hit and miss at best right?  If you’re like me you scoffed and the childishness of such a ritual and decide that “those things are never right”.  I felt this way for most of my life until one day I got to pondering why the zodiacs and astrology play such a huge role in our world.  I wondered why people since the beginning of time as we know it mapped the planets and understood the layout of the zodiacs.  Furthermore why did they consider these celestial bodies an insight into our personalities and our path in life?

I started to research the subject and now know way more than any of you probably care to know 🙂  that’s kinda what I do, I get obsessed with a subject and have to learn and do everything associated with it.  Then I get bored and move on to something new…. My poor boyfriends, right?!!!!  Anyway, ill share with you some fun facts!  The horoscopes that we typically read here in the west can pretty much be disregarded as utter crap.  They are a watered down inaccurate insult to the true SCIENCE of astrology.  In truth astrology is a very complicated analyzing of the rotation of the planets, their angles to each other, and the effect that has on you particular “sign”.  To put it simply it’s a mathematical equation.  What astrologers DO is to interpret these mathematical equation and put it into words that will help you better understand the goings on around you. 

So let’s start at the foundation, your birth.  You can’t truly have an accurate horoscope unless the astrologer has done your birth chart.  What is this and why does it matter?  Ok easy, it’s the location and time of your birth that is important.  With this info it is possible to map exactly where the planets were at your time of birth (exact time is need because some planets move so fast they are in a different angle to the earth every minute, others move so slow that an entire generation is born under one angle).  The astrologer takes this information and does the math to figure out every angle that each planet is to each other and what zodiac they are in.  Zodiacs are really just a section of the sky if you will.  The planets move through these sections of the sky and wherever the SUN was at the time of your birth is your sign.  It’s possible to tell a lot about someone based on where the sun was at the time of their birth but if you want to really get accurate you need their birth chart.

Now each planet has a “personality” or characteristics that it rules and each zodiac does as well.  The information on what these characteristic are is almost as old as the human race and any reading I have does has our ancestor attributing this knowledge to god or the gods.  Make of that what you will the real mind bowing part comes when you just pay attention and follow the writing of a true astrologer.  The accuracy of the predictions are amazing!  Please don’t think I say this lightly, I have been following astrology and the movement of the planets for three years now and have gone from not believing any of it to being truly respectful of this ancient art.  The astrologer I follow and I feel goes more in-depth than anyone else if even read is Susan Miller who writes astrologyzone.com you should defiantly check out her work, everyone I tell to read her horoscopes gets hooked on it cause she is so accurate. 

Susan explains the angles that the planets are in, how their “personalities” affect each other, and how they will affect you and the world.  Like I mentioned before some planets move so slow that when they change it effects the whole world and some events like an eclipse is so important that it will affect everyone to some degree.  For example there is a solar eclipse in the section of sky that is Cancer on July 1.  Eclipses are like a wild card, they throw something at us we never saw coming and it comes from an outside force that’s beyond our control.  The sun is considered the light or illuminator, it carries with it a masculine influence, and is the symbol of power or life force.  Cancer is the sign that rules contradictions, forces under the surface, and psychic intuition.  So this eclipse will most likely bring something to the surface that you need to know and that you never expected, something that will greatly affect your life.  There is so much more to know about eclipse be you might as well learn from the expert and read it yourself!  Ok well that’s my lecture on astrology for today.  I hope I peaked some of your interest 🙂  I wish everyone lucky stars and a very helpful eclipse!



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