Why I LOVE Mineapolis- “you betcha”

by on March 29, 2012

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When I moved to Minneapolis my first neighbor was a fifty something year’s old school teacher.  When she found out that I was new in town she told me, “Oh yah, Minneapolis is sure fun to be young in!  You’ll love it I bet.”  And that I did.  Part of the reason that it’s such a fun town is the people who live there.  I met some of my favorite people and best of friends here.  When I came home to visit there was no shortage of friends to see and parting to do!  So here you go, a little peek into the life of Minnesotans.

Pre-gaming at Andrea’s house before going out.  Beautiful girl!

 Mr. Otis  (Look at all the snow boots!)

 Then off to the clubs!!!!!!!

Jado from Aqua 😉 love my Lebanese boys!!!!!!!!!!!  Miss you guys.

Aqua night club.

So cute!!!  “Your face is so pretty you should be on a Christmas card ya should” lol!

 We went a few places that night.

 Next night we started at The Graves Hotel.

 Mike always has great shoes!

 I’m obsessed with modern lounges, so HOT!

 Hahahahaha  Lizzy!  Your face is classic!

 Walking the street to the next club.

Yep that guy is wearing a fur coat…

Lol!  Great times Jess!!!!

 More great Mike shoes.


Well that’s your tour of Minneapolis in the winter.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the city and some of my great friends.  I miss all them and I can’t wait to get back this summer when there is really a lot of fun to be had!!!!

I friggin’ love you guys up there…. Come visit me already!


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