Why I LOVE Minneapolis – “dontcha know”

by on March 27, 2012

For the last five years before I moved to California I was living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I fell in love with this town the first time I visited.  I remember walking down the street where my friends were living by Lake Calhoun and thinking that it looked like a town out of one of those feel good movies where everyone has big families and lots of friends and life is happy and simple.  I loved it so much that I moved within a few weeks!! Hahahahaha – Ya I’m crazy like that 🙂

It turned out that it really is the kind of town where you have a lot of friends and if you don’t have family then people adopt you!  These people celebrate EVERYTHING, party in the dead of winter, camp in the woods, ice skate on real lakes, have one of the best art schools in the country, have every type of food you can imagine (mostly because it’s an immigration hub), bike around the city, wear fur coats in the winter, go crazy over hockey, drink, smoke (talking Haight Ashbury style peeps), shoot guns, and really know what it means to survive- when half the year is below zero you learn to keep what you need in your house.  Oh and did I mention their cute accent!!!!! 

Ok Foxy followers welcome to Minneapolis in January – average temp. zero degrees to -20 this week….. As I take you around the city I will point out some of the reasons I love Minnie!

 #1) First stop is a liquor/ cheese store, that’s right…..You can’t be neighbors with Wisconsin and not enjoy cheese!!!!  Every kind you could ever imagine.

The cheese haul to go with our wine!


A drive around the city.

#2) Look at that.  The sky line and the Mississippi river.  Isn’t it the picture of Midwest beauty….LOVE. 

 #3) “The ghetto in the sky” is used as housing for Somali refugees, the crime is so bad that people say the police won’t even go in there.  The building was designed by Ralph Rapson and was used in the Mary Tyler Moore show as Mary Richards’s apartment building. 

 #4) Cute little houses that are all over the city.

 #5) They don’t take down their Christmas lights or stop having holiday parties till around March.

 #6)  The endless days of shoveling snow in the morning, and this is nothing, I hear that back in the day the snow would get as high as your rooftop.  Now that’s snowed in!!!


 #7) Some of the best sushi I have ever found is in this town and my friend Gabe talked me into getting quail eggs!

 They weren’t too bad actually… poor little quail that will never be because I ate you.

 #8) I used to run the coffee shop in this shopping center called Caribou Coffee.  Hands down better that Starbucks and arguably one of the best chain coffee shops.

 #9) There is a church on almost every corner, we are in god’s country after all 🙂

 My (and everyone’s) favorite view of the city as you drop in on the highway.

 Doesn’t this look like its straight out of a movie?

 #10) They serve things like this at restaurants:

Spam bites, tater tots, cheese curds…. If you don’t know what these are then congratulations you will probably live a longer life!!!!  Hahahahahaha

 Yes those are tater tots and fried pickles, now fried pickles are just good I don’t care what anyone says….but I’m having it with a glass of wine because I’m classy.

 #11) My friends save coupons.  Lots of them!  Nothing like a little Midwest frugalness.

Ps. Look at all the Christmas cards 😉

 #12) People draw ice pictures when they’re bored.

 #13) Ally ordered a margarita and it came this big!  The waitress didn’t even mention that, are we in Texas?

 The city at night.


#14) Skyways are the coolest thing ever!!!!  You can get all over the city and never go outside!  I do have to give it to St. Paul on this one, their skyways are amazing!!!!  It’s one of the biggest systems in the world, covering 5 miles.

#15) My liberty loving Ron Paul peeps that taught me so so much about politics and the constitution!!!!  

To be continued….

Next post we go clubbing in the cold!



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3 Responses to “Why I LOVE Minneapolis – “dontcha know””

  • Kristi says:

    Ahhh I love all of these pictures!!!!! Totally makes me miss Mpls and the Midwest! So many great people and how could you not love fried pickles and cheese curds?!?

  • foxy says:

    LOL!!! I know right? The food, the people, the weather…. oh wait, no not the weather!

  • no says:

    lol ron paul is actually dumb and so is libertarianism.

    the “ghetto in the sky” is really not a warzone and the idea that you’d believe there is anywhere in the modern US that police actually wont go means ur kind of naive. try 2 learn about the actual situation of cities and not perpetuate second hand (and incorrect) information. that kind of thing (plus some health racism+redlining+blockbusting and i guess tones of other factors but still) led to the abandonment/dereliction/whatever of many amazing american cities. minneapolis is a city with an extremely low murder rate for a US city (tho fairly average crime otherwise) and this is good + something we should be thankful for.

    buuuuuttttt other than that good pix. mpls is p cool for a city of its size

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