Your tour around Nassau

by on May 22, 2012

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 The next day I took a walk around Bay Street which is where all the tourist shops are.  The cruise ships stop in this area so you see tourists from all over the world looking for souvenirs.

 Who’s more lion here?

 We found the cutest little ice cream shop so we just had to go in to grab a cool snack 😉

 That guys a one man band!

 We walked a little further down the street to Junkanoo Beach.  This is the “party” beach and you could hear the island hip hop music from down the road.   Time to get my beach party on!!!!!!!

 Fresh coconut water anyone?

 The DJ was tearing it up!  People were everywhere, drinking, dancing, paying volley ball, having a great time.  The local guys were walking through taking a look as they headed wherever…. It took about ten minutes before I was proposed to lol!!!!

 Bahaman beer.  It’s good, kinda like a Corona.

 These two ran and jumped on the bus while it was moving!!  (Is that a bottle of rum?)

 After Junkanoo we took a drive to see how the locals live.  I’m not one of those people who like to go on vacation to sit in some swanky resort where everyone caters to the westerners and you never see the country for what it really is.  I’m gritty, I like to go away from the tourist, see people’s real lives, and get to know the locals.  So here is you tour….

Leaving the resort area.

 Bahamans love to paint their houses and buildings in bright colors.

 I wish I had gotten a better picture of the face painted on the wall but Tonto’s barber shop seems like THE place to go!  Lol!!

 This sign had me cracking up!  It says “You can get whatever you want.  Order whatever you like.  We can help.  Restrictions apply.”  What the???!!!!  That means I can’t have whatever I want…. I’m confused.

 Drive through phone card windows.  Except you have to get out.  So it’s like a: drive up, get out, and walk up window.  Nice.

 There are random abandoned buildings with vines all over them.

 Goats standing on fences and making quite the fuss.  Crying and crying.

 At first I thought this was an abandoned house, but no.  See the guy’s head just above the wall?  They have a table and a clothes line and they live there.  Crazy right?  No roof, no windows or doors.  The tiny building in back is the only real shelter.  Some people live like this.

 While others have big beautiful home like this.

 Later that night I was invited by a friend to go watch a live band and do a little dancing.  The band was great and everyone was having a ball.  I wish would have got some pictures of them but to be honest Foxy took the night to kick back and enjoy and only snapped a few shots at the beginning…. Even I get a night off right?

Goodnight 😉

The next day is going to be a crazy busy tour of all the sights to see on the island, ready???  Ok let’s go!!

The elections were going on while I was there and the whole island was very involved!  Posters and fliers all over.  As I understand it the major battle going on is about letting more foreign money come in and buy up land for business and resorts on the island.  Some people say yes and they could do with the jobs.  Others say no and they want to preserve their culture that is so quickly dying.  The airport was even remodeled to be as tourist friendly as you could imagine.  They are building a whole section of the airport that will take you to the “out islands” or the lesser traveled island of the Bahamas.  See most of these islands now have a plane going to and from maybe one or twice a week.  They have very little outside influence, they have one general store, you get the idea.  All this big money and new business will change that.  This is what the Bahamans are voting on, the future of their culture.

 Excuse this pic, it was taken through a car window, but you just have to see how many people are in this car!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bahahahahaahahah!!!  There had to be seven or eight!

 I went to Montagu Beach to see Fort Montagu.  What I didn’t realize is that there were political rally happening all over the island!  So here is team reds rally 🙂

 Really outstandingly beautiful beach right?

Across the way is Paradise Island.  You can see the bridge I drove across to get there the other day and Atlantis towering above everything.

 Fort Montagu.  None of the forts were ever used on the island.  They were build incase war spread from Europe but it never did.

 Back in the car and this time we see how the other half lives.  Just look at some of these houses.  Dream homes right? 

 Hahahahaha   ok this is just funny!!  Look at that girls booty!  BAM

 This is just the start of your day… we are going to see the queens stair case, more forts, have lunch at the fish fry, crawl into a pirate cave, and finish with a little art….. To be continued.

Love your tour guide,


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